It’s true: creativity isn’t relevant that much.
And creatives won’t solve world issues. NEITHER HERE, AT IDEAS ON DEMAND.
They can’t reverse climate change. They don’t know how to clamp a bleeding artery. Nor how to overturn a dictatorial regime.
And obviously they’re unable to find the cure for rare diseases.
But anyway, good ideas can do a little something to make our cities, our society, our organizations better places to live. 
No matter how small you and us are. 
It’s about truth. Human insights. Bravery. And beauty. 
Oh, and collaboration. 
Because only together we can make brands matter more, for more people. 
Turning data into magic.
to Give meaningful answers to all those who ask themselves “why should I choose this product?”.
Or that company. Or those folks.
It’s a challenge. Want to take it on?